3 ideas to better your seo in 2016

Admin | 25/01/16

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Nearly everyone makes New Year's career resolutions to develop their skills and make more money, and then promptly forget to breakdown these goals into activities that will get you there. But when it comes to the constantly changing and increasingly competitive world of SEO, failure to develop and execute a proper digital marketing plan can prove to be very costly.

In 2016, there are three things that you need to take into account to succeed in SEO:


1. Content

Any business that targets customers online understands the importance of good content. And many have probably polished up on their content creation techniques. However, chances are that you could do better.

It is hard to dominate the organic search arena within your industry segment for all crucial or highly searched terms, so you may want to try using SEO tools to compare your keywords presence to those for your competition.

Tools like Linkdex, SEMrush, and BuzzSumo allow you to check your competitor’s top keywords – in term of search volume – where you haven’t gained a considerable ranking ground yet. You can go a step further and review the webpage content represented by the domain. As you do this, think about ways that your website can do better in regard to that keyword presence, so that you can also rank for those terms.

Create your own unique content containing the new focus-keyword, and return to these SEO tools to research social networks that have received similar content in the past. Identify those with social authority and have shared such content in the past, as well as those who have linked to it to ensure added organic visibility.


2. Link earning

Links continue to be an important part of SEO, but you need to focus more on earning links rather than link building. You need to move beyond creating links instantaneously, as link building no longer offers as much benefit as it did in the past.

While textual content like whitepapers, guides, and other resourceful materials have been effective components of digital marketing in the past, you can still do more in 2016. For instance, you can complement your online efforts by offering tangible materials like giveaways, scholarships, or product samples for reviews to stand out from your competitors.

Being exclusive creates interest, and such strategies are likely to draw consumers to you. Though handing out promotional items is not a new strategy, it breaks away from the mundane tactics of building links, taking you back to traditional marketing strategies.


3. The experience

Every marketer should be familiar with the concept of usability and conversion optimisation, but you might want to focus more on what is best for your users, enhancing their experience, with regard to the behaviour of a site visitor.

Marketers have realised the crucial necessity of creating extraordinary, epic content if you will, moving away from the bad practice of keyword stuffing, but they are still not fully capitalising on the visitor. While it is necessary to explore new marketing strategies to bring prospective customers to your website, it is more important to create value for your site visitors. What exactly are your visitors doing after landing on your pages?

Tools like Optimizely, Usertesting.com, and Lucky Orange, among others can help you identify whether your landing pages are offering clear calls to action, pathways, and resourcefulness, or simply offering nothing meaningful. Also, use other tools to review the time spent on site, pages per visit, and bounce rate so you can come up with actionable insights to build on the first impression.


Although this is not a complete digital marketing plan to dominate your industry in your target area, these few ideas should help you realise that you can do better SEO, and at least, learn to use a few of the tools mentioned or similar ones to boost your growth.

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