how infographics can boost your seo

Admin | 21/09/15

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The demand for infographics, or information graphics, is claimed to grow everyday by 1 percent as business owners strive to find the most effective approach to connect with their existing and prospective customers.

Changing marketing strategies

To remain competitive in any industry, any business has to adapt to the changes in their environment. And with the recent advances in technology, combined with shifts in customer behaviour as prospective clients prefer to conduct their product/service research online before making any payments, SMBs have had to reduce their offline advertising spending and augment their online marketing plans.

One noteworthy online marketing strategy is the use of infographics. A recent study revealed that infographic search volumes in the period between 2010 and 2012 increased by over 800 percent. Indeed, web users have found infographics to be a useful, educational, and entertaining tool for the last decade. But what exactly are infographics, and how can business owners and internet marketers use them to grow their businesses?

How infographics affect SEO

In times when the web is overflowing with information, users have learned the art of skimming through the key points of an article or blog post, and if they find it too long, too complex, or too confusing, they often navigate away from that site. So, businesses and internet marketers risk losing their website visitors, even if the value and quality of their content is exceptional.

Infographics are detailed visual representations of data, information, and knowledge intended to convey complex information quickly and candidly. In other words, infographics gather data, organise it, and turn it into information that is easy to understand visually, like on a map or chart.

Other benefits of infographics for SEO include:

1.         The ability to grab attention even with boring and hard-to-grasp concepts

A good infographic empowers the reader’s understanding by breaking down intricate information into easily digestible, visual chunks. Research shows that 90 percent of the information you remember is based on visual impact. Since a well-designed infographic includes custom images and graphics, tastefully selected fonts, well-matched and attractive colour palette, a proper ratio of text vs. visuals, and much more, it can significantly influence the appeal of a story.

2.         They are linkable, shareable, and evergreen

A recent report by Hubspot revealed that 40 percent of people respond better to visual information compared to text, while images/photos on Facebook get shared up to 5 times more than text. Infographics share in this visual appeal, making the content more shareable with measurable results, plus they retain their relevance, even after the news story has passed.

3.         Get you links from outside your industry

Infographics easily penetrate industries where conventional barriers for guest posts and other content is set very high, allowing websites in less popular industries with minimal natural linkage, like gambling, to attract links from other markets. Basically, editors will credit you for that infographic irrespective of the credibility of your website.

Just because infographics have earned a reputation for being link bait does not mean that the impact is guaranteed. The key is that it be of great quality. Not every text and image combination with some decorative aspects can go viral. It takes research and hardwork to create an infographic that is worth sharing. So, if you decide to make one, do it the right way. Brainstorm on an interesting topic and content, create a superb design or hire an expert to design it, and then share it with right people who will find it relevant.

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