how to improve your landing page performance

James Daniels | 9/11/15

Landing page

When it comes to creating a successful online campaign, the number of effective landing pages created has a direct impact on the leads you generate per month. For instance, increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 can actually increase your leads by 50 percent.

But how exactly do you create a high performing landing page?

An effective landing page is one that strikes a balance between appeal and useful content. If it looks pretty but has a high bounce rate, it is not a high performing landing page. Businesses make many mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of their landing pages. Here are a few ideas to improve your conversion success:

Create a Call-to-Action that stands out

Your CTA is arguably the most crucial element on your landing page, because your visitors must be able to tell what action to take upon visiting your web page. If this is not apparent from the moment they get there, they will probably hit the back button and never return to your site.

It is unfortunate that 53 percent of websites do not deliver on this aspect. Here are a few reasons why your call-to-action may not be effective:

•           Your landing pages don’t have a CTA at all

•           Your CTA is poorly positioned – below the fold – or not visible

•           Your CTA does not stand out because of a poor choice of colours – too similar to other components on your website

•           Your CTA is too generic to inspire any action, like “Buy Now” or “Click Here”

When creating landing pages, you must ensure that you have a unique Call-to-Action that stands out enough to draw the attention of visitors.

Use images correctly

From website content to social media posts, the importance of good images cannot be emphasised enough. However, while great images help to beautify your website and enhance the user experience, some pictures can have the opposite effect – distracting your visitors and damaging your reputation.

Common mistakes in regards to the selection of landing page images include:

•           Using subpar images from stock photos

•           Using irrelevant photos to your content

•           Using large images that divert attention from the CTA

To avoid such mistakes, try to find original images – like those of your customers interacting with your products or services – to post on your landing pages and match them to your content and call-to-action.

Don’t skimp on the body copy

A landing page should ideally be brief and direct in its message so it keeps the attention of the visitor, and directs him/her to a particular action within three seconds. People get easily overwhelmed when reading huge blocks of text – especially when searching for something -   opting instead to leave the site. But the content should also not be too light.

With any web page, the actual content is critical to helping the page get found and ranked in organic search results. A maximum of 200 words for your landing page copy should be okay, and if possible, break it down using bullet points to make the content scanable. Bullet points can also help you get enough content to fill out a page.

Lastly, include beneficial headlines that show how the product or service will impact the user’s life, as opposed to simply using feature-specific headlines. Features are nice, but people pay to get a problem solved or to fulfil a specific need.

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