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Lee Halliday | 7/12/15

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People tend to gravitate towards new and fresh content or blog posts that were recently published, and away from the high-quality posts that you spent a lot of time creating and published a year or more ago. Consequently, many marketers believe that they need to continually come up with the “freshest and greatest” piece of information to succeed with their blog, which is not true.

On the contrary, you can actually make a higher impact by focusing on making the most of what you already have. The power of repurposing your posts comes from taking some of your best work and then leveraging different mediums in order to make that content reach a wide audience.

Besides reaching a new audience, repurposing your content offers other benefits including:

•           Ensuring that beautiful content is not forgotten

•           Maximising on your efforts by ensuring that those who missed your post the first time get a chance to enjoy it

•           Boosting your SEO efforts – different pieces of content created around the same topic give you more opportunities to target a specific keyword

•           Emphasising a message – some marketers suggest that the buyer needs to hear a message an average of seven times before closing a deal, and repurposing helps you reach this quota

•           Building authority in a certain area – publishing quality content in different places on one topic allows you to build authority in the industry and establish yourself as an expert.

Here are a few ideas to repurpose timeless content and other types of high quality posts:

1. Turn your old posts into a guide or a white paper

After you have written multiple articles about a certain topic, you can repackage your quality posts into a fresh guide around the central topic. However, you may want to update some of your articles depending on how long ago you created them, so they are relevant for the present time. You can then compile your updated posts into a single PDF document and upload it to an online library.

2. Convert your PowerPoint presentations into Slide Decks

There are quite a few instances when you may be required to create PowerPoint presentations, but when the presentation is over, you don’t have any more use for that file. A lot of work goes into preparing a presentation – statistics, beautiful graphs, charts – and the presentation can be repurposed and the slide decks uploaded to SlideShare.

3. Create an infographic from a webinar or post

You can repurpose a few posts or webinars into a timeline to create an infographic. Infographics can also be used to turn single posts that are not so exciting into something visually interesting for readers. In fact, good infographics can do a better job getting a message across to a larger audience.

4. Repurpose visual content on Pinterest

If some of your posts required loads of images, you can opt to repurpose those images on Pinterest. Upload pins of images that are relevant to your topic and dedicate a new board to that work.

5. Create a videographic or podcast

You can decide to turn your old blog posts, presentations, or infographics into an animated video. Videographics, like infographics, are becoming a preferred channel for users. They can be uploaded to YouTube and shared in social communities.

Lastly, you may consider breaking down your content into interesting chunks of information, like statistics and sharing them on social media networks like Twitter.

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