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Admin | 21/03/16

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At the beginning of each year, there is usually a lot of speculation about what lies ahead and the latest digital marketing trends. People want to know what is “hot” or what is “next” in the world of marketing.

Now we’re a couple of months into the year, now is a good time to identify some interesting stats that may shape the world of digital marketing for the rest of the year.

Nearly 50 percent of the world is online

According to the latest global snapshot by We Are Social, almost half of the globe is online, and roughly one-third of the globe uses social media. As of January 2016, there were:

3.42 billion internet users translating to 46 percent global penetration
3.79 billion unique mobile users, translating to 51 percent global penetration
2.31 billion users on social media, translating to 31 percent global penetration
1.97 billion users on mobile social media, translating to 27 percent global penetration

More spending allocated to digital display ad than search ad

According to eMarkter, digital display ad expenditure is expected to increase and possibly surpass search ad expenditure in 2016, with categories of rich media, sponsorships, video, and “banners and other” accounting for the biggest share of digital ad spending.

The world has reached ‘tech peak’

The 2016 survey by Accenture Digital Consumer revealed that consumer demand for new tech is coming to a halt. Sales of laptops, smartphones, and tablets are sluggish, and the demand for IoT (internet of things) enabled devices is growing too slowly to “offset”.

The survey conducted by Accenture involving over 28,000 consumers in 28 countries showed that only 48 percent of consumers intend to buy a new smartphone in 2016 compared to 57 percent in 2015. Additionally, 38 percent of consumers intended to purchase a new tablet or TV in 2015 compared to 29 percent for tablets and 30 percent for TVs in 2016.

With regard to IoT devices, many consumers are hesitant to adopt the gadgets mostly due to the expense (62 percent) and privacy fears (47 percent).

Nevertheless, about 8 percent of consumers intend to buy a VR (virtual reality) headset in 2016.

Consumers prefer to use apps for customer care

According to the Digital Disconnect report by Contact Solutions, a massive 75 percent of over 1,000 people surveyed claimed they prefer to use a mobile app for customer service because they’re convenient.

So, it is rather unfortunate that over 90 percent of apps force the user to exit and transfer to a “live” channel such as live-chat or phone.

In this regard, 53 percent of customers would rather spend extra with a brand if they could switch devices or channels to keep conversing without having to repeat themselves.

The advent of mobile programmatic

A recent report by the IAB suggests that 50 percent of UK marketers use programmatic for purchasing smartphone inventory. According to the same survey, 29 percent of respondents feel that they have good grasp of mobile advertising compared to 22 percent who feel they’ve poor understanding. Additionally, 56 percent of respondents intend to start advertising on wearables by next year, especially since 52 percent believe that wearable technology presents an amazing opportunity for the advertising industry.

It is also important to note that there’s been an increase in ad-blocking, with the use of ad-blocking software and other tools to prevent websites from displaying advertisements when they visit them rising from 28 percent to 38 percent in Q4 2015. There are still many changes to look forward to involving social media, native ads, and the effects of the digital disruption.

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